Perma-Charm refactor



Dominate and Subjugate targetable mobs have had a refactor done to their stats. This basically includes every mob in game that is intelligent / bi-pedal / humanoid-ish. All mobs that can be Subjugated (perma charm) will now have stats in line with player characters such as the Necromancer summons, once they are Subjugated. The mobs are still being buffed while they are enemies, but in a different manner that will not carry over in to Subjugate. This was simply an oversight with the way enemy difficulty was being implemented that was put in place prior to the Mindbender systems.

More hair styles!

More hair styles have been implemented for the character creator. There are now 20 hair styles for Male and 20 for Female. Beards may or may not make the cut depending on time and resources but there are a couple of beards ready.

Druid spell implementation

The Druid spell kit is shaping up quickly with 1st draft versions of Renewal (reactive heal), Root, Snare, Nature’s Bounty (group buff), and Stinging Insects being tested in game. They also have the Minor Heal line (direct heal line that all healers receive) and Ignite DOT from the Wizard kit. Next up is looking like a Direct Damage spell and an AOE spell. These should be completed soon, while the work of adding baby animals to tame continues. It’s looking like a month or 2 by the time the animals are all in and some more Druid class items are implemented. Following that will be the Druid starting areas and quest lines. Animal command skills are still under consideration and may be changed from prior iterations talked about in an earlier blog. Animal abilities themselves will also need to undergo a revamp as some of them only have a couple of skills currently.

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