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Hexen Magick is an indie fantasy role playing game with an old school feel. Combat takes place on a hexagonal grid and is turn based.

It’s been described as sort of a mash up of Everquest on a Civilization map. Combat takes place in Zones that are entirely a hex grid map.

There are free movement Towns in the game where you are not on a hex grid and move your character with familiar WASD / Arrow keys + Mouse look. These towns provide most services you would think of in an RPG such as merchants, stash, quest NPCs, etc. Essentially a hub, a comparison would be X-Com Enemy Unknown where you perform actions at your base, then travel to a hex grid map to fight, but imagine it with full fantasy spell lists and fantasy RPG equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be available?

The game will not be ready to release until Summer 2025, if not 2026, and is currently in a Pre-Alpha state.

Will the graphics get better?

The short answer is yes, to a degree.

The terrain, trees, lighting, etc in the zones will see improvement.

Some character animations will see improvement.

As an indie game with limited resources the game will utilize many “asset store” assets and not have much original artwork as that sort of work is time & money intensive. However with a focus on tactical, challenging grid combat, the hope is that people will appreciate the game for it’s mechanics and not be sad that it’s not custom Unreal5 graphics.

Is this a Niche game?

Obviously this type of game will not appeal to fast paced action seekers since it is turn based with fixed movement on the hex grid. It is meant to be able to play low pressure, take some time between turns thinking about your positioning or staring at your gear, but with meaningful tactical combat that has it’s own style of suspense and difficulty.

How much will the game cost?

This has not been decided yet.

Is there Fast Travel in the game?

Yes. Generally you must unlock a portal location by walking there first before you can fast travel through the portal map to that location.

Is there a Death Penalty in the game?

Currently the death penalty is losing your progress in the zone you died in. You respawn in town and the zone you were clearing respawns as well. That may not sound like much but it’s a pretty big deterrent with the way travel works. The concern is that adding an exp penalty on top of that may actually be too harsh. It’s possible that an exp penalty could be added. It’s also likely that equipment durability will be added as a gold sink, and that durability would take a hit on death.

Does it take a long time to level?

Difficulty levels are being considered that would affect the speed of the game. Movement speed, experience gains, Mob difficulty. Currently leveling is fairly slow compared to modern RPG standards. This is on purpose and will be the “normal” setting for the game. You have to actually play your character through levels instead of rushing straight to max level.

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