The Necromancer “Main Class” collects Enspelled Organs from defeated enemies in order to use them in a Necromancy Ritual to Summon undead ancestors. The ancestors’ remains are kept in the Family Crypt and can be (re)animated with the organs of enemies that match the ancestor’s class.

The undead are under complete player control, may equip items/armor/weapons, and may be swapped around while in a Town. Currently a Necromancer may have 3 undead in it’s Battle Group to take to the hex grid battle zones, for a total group size of 4.

Necromancer spells primarily deal Spirit and Essence damage types.

Current Necromancer Spells & Abilities available in game:

  • Basic Attack
  • Decay
  • Revive Minion
  • Magi Shield
  • Life Tap
  • Void Strike
  • Siphon Strength
  • Deathly Orb
  • Transfer Life
  • Darkness of Death
  • Mana Tap
  • Grant Strength
  • Life Leech

Current classes available in game to (re)animate:

  • Animated Rat Skeleton
  • Animated Boar Skeleton
  • Animated Wolf Skeleton
  • Animated Bear Skeleton
  • Animated Tiger Skeleton
  • Animated Skeleton Healer
  • Animated Skeleton Light Priest
  • Animated Skeleton Shaman
  • Animated Skeleton Mage
  • Animated Skeleton Wizard
  • Animated Skeleton Mindbender
  • Reanimated Corpse Bloodmage
  • Reanimated Corpse Archer
  • Reanimated Corpse Fighter
  • Reanimated Corpse Warrior
  • Reanimated Corpse Shadowknight
  • Reanimated Corpse Shadowblade

Future additions on the to do list:

  • Turn Undead
  • Essence Burn
  • Animated Ratkin Skeletons (Full healer/caster line up with special stat modifiers to make them different than Ancestral summons)
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