Base loot pass complete



The base itemization pass has been completed. The previously mentioned items are now in loot tables and available in game.

Progression zones from level 1-45 (Tier1-Tier9) have had the first content pass finished. There are 11 zones, each of which contains a hex grid map of over 2400 hexes.

The game with current 11 progression zones contain:

  • Over 26,000 total hexes on the grid maps
  • Over 50 quests
  • Over 50 named mobs
  • Over 700 items
  • 10 Legendary items (more are created but awaiting T10-T11 to decide the power and availability spread of)
  • Over 120 abilities (skills, spells)
  • 2 “Main” classes and 18 total player group classes

Next phase. Tier10 and T11 end game zones are under construction. T10 (req lvl 46 to equip) already has 4 armor sets completed as well as weapons for every weapon type, which will be added in an upcoming content pass for T10 zones. T11 max level gear will require lvl 50 to wear, since it’s the cap. Mobs in T11 will be lvl 51-56, which will come with interesting challenges to defeat compared to being able to outlevel lower content in the past. It’s still on the table to have scaling zones in one way or another, the tech is already implemented so it can just be turned on for varying circumstances depending on how things feel.

Other items coming soon…

Design for Druid animal taming has been completed. Design for Druid skills has been completed. Implementation may coincide with continuing zone work, it’s not yet decided.

Music updates for all zones should be done very soon

Character customization screen is on the short list and may come before some other work in order to have a better experience ready for testers, as they won’t reach level 50 quickly anyways.

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